Alcatel PSTN Switch specialist

Title: Alcatel PSTN Switch Specialist

Department: Technical and Information Systmes Department

Unit: Operation Unit


Role Purpose

Operate and maintain Alcatel E10 PSTN digital station and ensure the quality of fixed telephony according to the Company internal procedures and management instructions.


Key responsibilities

Alcatel E10 PSTN digital station management

  • Operate and maintain Alcatel E10 elements
  • Handle troubleshooting activities to solve encountered network problems 
  • Daily routine tasks in the job (monitoring, health check and maintain  all nodes).

Data network security

  • Security policy configuration
  • Ensure the security of the network


Backup network element

  • Perform periodic systems backup off all network elements and secure archive files.


 New services and features implementation and testing

  • Participation in the core network implementation activities
  • Equipment installation and integration


Reporting and Paperwork

  • Network load report
  • Troubleshooting  report
  • Network fault report 


Other functions

  • Collaboration with Technical Departments (IT, Billing, Engineering, Maintenance).
  • Preparation of inventory list of all switch modules.  


Qualifications and requirements

  • Technical knowledge (electrical, electronic, etc)
  • Knowledge in softwares that deals with telecommunication systems
  • IP basic knowledge
  • SS7,R2 signalling
  • Higher Engineering in Telecommunication sphere
  • 3-5 years work experience in PSTN sphere (Alcatel equipments).

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