Comfort unlimited tariff plan

Internet service via DSL modem: FREE connection, unlimited internet and up to 6 Mbps download speed.

Download speed Monthly fee
up to 1024 Kbps AMD 4,000 
up to 6144 Kbps* AMD 6,000 

 *Maximum provided speed (up to 6144 kbps) depending on the technical capability.

For corporate subscribers

Download speed Monthly fee
up to 512 Kbps AMD 2,850
up to 1024 Kbps AMD 4,000
up to 2048 Kbps AMD 5,350
up to 3072 Kbps AMD 7,250
up to 5120 Kbps AMD 10,200
up to 6144 Kbps**  AMD 13,800

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