Reach the extreme – join the EXTREME!

Extreme speeds are no longer unachievable.

Effective June 15th till November 15th activate any of “Extreme” bundles and receive additional – even higher fixed internet speed for 24 hours.

Bundle name

Provided additional speed

Activation code

Bundle price

Extreme  1

5 Mbps

*888* fixed internet ID*1#

AMD 230


10 Mbps

*888* fixed internet  ID*2#

AMD 350 


15 Mbps

*888* fixed internet  ID*3#

AMD 440


  • Packages are available for fixed internet fiber-optic individual subscribers only.
  • The price of the bundle is charged from activation code dialing mobile phone number.
  • In case of having active bundle new “Extreme” bundle activation will not be available.

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