Fixed internet offer for corporate subscribers

Karabakh Telecom is pleased to inform that a new fixed internet offer for corporate subscribers has been issued. All corporate fixed internet subscribers will have an opportunity to change their existing speed position to the new ones, or just use the offer (in case of wish).





3072 Kbps

AMD  5,500

6144 Kbps

AMD 6,800

3072 Kbps

AMD 5,500

6144 Kbps

AMD  7,000

10240 Kbps

AMD 12,500

6144 Kbps

AMD 7,000

  • To use the promotion subscriber must visit Karabakh Telecom headquarters with the corresponding document and sign the application.
  • The speed position will be provided for 3 months.

The promotion will be valid from March 22nd till December 31st inclusive.

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