Our Chairman

A leading and successful Lebanese entrepreneur descended from a well reputed family from Zahle in the North-Western part of the Lebanon, also known as "the bride of the Bekaa Valley." 
His family has a very rich and valuable history with unforgettable contributions to the Lebanese social, educational, economic and political spheres.

He is the founder and owner of multi-diversified types of businesses in the Lebanon and many other parts of the world. One of those businesses is in telecommunications which is growing year after year.
Karabakh Telecom was a personal challenge to our Chairman in addition to being a personal commitment by him towards the Armenians of his hometown as a token of appreciation of decades of co-relations with his family. He therefore insisted on establishing and developing different types of businesses in this Caucasian mountainous territory and he decided to start with the telecommunication sector in order to ensure a solid and attractive platform of communication that would attract many other investors and entrepreneurs that are thinking of establishing businesses in Artsakh.
Despite the instability and the high risk factors, of which he had been pre-cautioned by numerous Lebanese and non-Lebanese entrepreneurs, in Karabakh Telecom, today our Chairman stands firm on his beliefs and proves an example to all hesitant entrepreneurs by delivering the unique project of Karabakh Telecom.
Our Chairman is an entrepreneur who has solid determination and strong belief that every business he establishes will prove to be successful not only as an enterprise but as a major contributor to the economy of the country in which that business is founded.
Briefly, Pierre means "Rock", and our Chairman is indeed a courageous entrepreneur empowered with strong motivation and dedication that perfectly fit his name. 

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