“Easy” bundle - perfect for short trips!

Call, text and surf at attractive rates!

Activate “Easy” bundle whenever you like when travelling in Armenia.

Simply dial *456*1# command and save 52% for the essential services.      

Minutes (to KT and RA all operators’ networks)

SMSs (to KT and RA all operators’ networks)

Mobile data/MB

Package price/AMD







  • Only prepaid customers are eligible to activate this package.
  • The package is available to activate and use within VivaCell-MTS network only.
  • The bundle will come into force from the activation moment and will be automatically deactivated at the end of the 3rd day, at 23:59:59.
  • Upon consuming the bundle units, you’ll be charged with the normal roaming rates.
  • You can activate the bundle as many times as preferred, only after the provided units’ consumption or after the package deactivation.  
  • To check the remaining units dial *456#.
  • To deactivate the bundle dial *456*0#.
  • The offer is valid until August 31st.

Make the easiest choice – choose EASY bundle!