“Giga” bundles for corporate subscribers

From March 5th 2021 to February 28th 2022 only join "Giga" package and get mobile internet volume with special rates.


Bundle name   Volume, GB Bundle price, AMD Validity period, day
Giga 1 1 AMD 500  30
Giga 6 6 AMD 2,000  30
Giga15 15 AMD 3,000  30



Bundle name Volume, GB Bundle price, AMD Validity period
Giga 1 1 AMD 500  The end of the month (23:59:59)
Giga 6 6 AMD  2,000 
Giga 15 15 AMD 3,000 
  • Current offer is available for only postpaid and prepaid corporate subscribers only.
  • For postpaid subscribers the bundle will be valid until the end of the current month.
  • For prepaid subscribers the bundle will be valid from activation moment for 30 days.
  • The postpaid subscribers can visit Service center for bundle activation or should send on specific SMS number 555

                 For Giga 1   - 500 

                 For Giga 6   - 2000 

                 For Giga 15 - 3000 

  • The prepaid subscribers can activate the bundle by visiting Service Center only.
  • For the bundle deactivation subscribers have to either visit SC or use SMS by sending 0.
  • Once the validity expires, the following will take place: all unused minutes and volume will be reset to zero.
  • The offer will be automatically renewed each month for postpaid subscribers.
  • If the subscriber activates the package during the month (e.g. on 20th of March), the amount will be charged for the whole bundle.
  • The amount will be charged from postpaid subscribers with their monthly bill.
  • Prepaid subscribers will pay the amount at the same time as filling out the application.
  • After consuming the provided volume, AMD 15 will be charged for 1 MB.
  • To check the balance, the subscriber needs to call 111.
  • The subscriber can activate a package once a month.
  • The bundles can’t be used while roaming.

The offer is valid from March 5th 2021 to February 28th 2022 inclusively.

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