The best service center consultants

Employee motivation is the lifeblood of success of each company. Motivating the employees needs to be a regular routine. Karabakh Telecom always follows this same belief by organizing events that encourage its employees to reach new heights.

This time as well, on February 1st, 2019 KT organized “The best service center consultants” contest dedicated to the 17th anniversary of the company.

The contest consisted of 4 phases. 

  • The first phase was called “Homework”. In this phase the teams acted on the topic of the “Homework” (Karabakh Telecom in 2030) given to them beforehand, using all their ingenuity and humor.
  • In phase 2 the participants were given cases where they showed their professional skills.
  • Phase 3 is called “Competition of Team Leaders”.  In this phase team leaders were given professional and general questions, which they answered as quickly as possible.
  • In phase 4 the teams were given tasks, which they fulfilled quickly and with quality, using their creativity.

4 teams participated in the contest and after the assessment by the judges the best team was selected – PROSPECT. The team members were Marine Grigoryan, Natalia Harutyunyan and Astghik Hayrapetyan.

The winners were rewarded for their impressive results.

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