Terms of service usage


A note to all fixed internet service subscribers: Karabakh Telecom informs, that all the subscribers whose internet service will be disconnected for non-payment, will be switched to prepaid system.

In case of one month debt, the subscriber can switch to prepaid system, only after meeting the debt and/or signing the agreement. Switching to prepaid system will be at the moment of further first internet service disconnection.
If the user’s internet service has been disconnected because of debt for duration of two or more months, then the user will be switched to prepaid system only after the moment of meeting the debt and/or signing the corresponding agreement. 
To meet the debts, the subscriber is required to visit to any Karabakh Telecom service center and sign a corresponding agreement.
If the subscriber or the authorized representative is unable to come to a service center for valid reasons, the agreement can be signed by the representative who lives or is registered in the apartment provided by the service.


  • Services may deteriorate, be interrupted or be accompanied by disturbances due to the characteristics of the location, meteorological conditions, for any other reason beyond the control of the Operator and excluding the latter's fault.
  • The speed of the provided services depends on the relief of the area, the technical capabilities of the used device and other external factors.
  • Services are provided by the Operator around the clock, without breaks, except for breaks due to repair and/or preventive works and/or accidents and/or force majeure.
  • The parties are released from liability for failure to fully or partially fulfill the obligations stipulated in the agreement, if it was the result of force majeure that arose after the conclusion of this agreement and which the parties could not foresee or prevent. Such situations are: earthquake, flood, fire, war, declaration of a military and emergency state, political disturbances, strikes, suspension of work of communication means, acts of state bodies, etc., which make it impossible to fulfill the obligations set forth in this agreement.