Service description


eSIM is the same card and has the same features as the physical sim card and unlike the physical SIM-card has no plastic body.


In addition to smartphones, other devices such as smart watches, tablets, computers and laptops also support eSim.


  • The type eSIM card can be activated in case your phone supports eSIM technology.
  • Switching from a regular card to eSIM is possible for both new and existing postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  • eSIM allows you to have multiple phone numbers in а single device and activate any of them at any time.
  • In order to activate the eSIM-card, it is necessary to visit the service center of the Karabakh Telecom service center at V. Mamikonyan 23 with passport.
  • The replacement of the SIM-card to an eSIM as well as new subscription, costs 500 AMD.
  • In case of changing the mobile device the eSIM profile shall be removed from the old device and the same QR-code shall be used in the new device to re-activate the profile on the new device.
  • QR can be used 5 times.