Mix 1900
Three services in one package
  • Mobile internet volume

    7 GB
  • Minutes to Artsakh and RA

    190 minutes
  • On-net SMS

    200 SMS
  • On-net minutes

    300 minutes


Join Mix 1900 package and receive:


  • 7 GB mobile internet volume


  • 190 minutes to Artsakh and Armenia


  • UNLIMITED on-net minutes


  • 200 SMS within Artsakh 


The units of the package are not availble in roaming.


The offer is valid till March 31st inclusively.


  • To activate the tariff plan, subscriber needs to have the appropriate amount in their account.
  • After consuming of the provided 190 minutes to Artsakh and RA subscriber will receive 300 additional on-net minutes. 
  • To check the remaining units of the package dial *444#.
  • After consuming the provided minutes, AMD 21 will be charged for 1 minute.
  • After consuming the provided SMSs, AMD 8 will be charged for 1 SMS.
  • After consuming the provided MBs the mobile internet service provision will be stopped.
  • After the depletion of package all unused units will be set to zero.
  • Subscriber can activate any other Mix package anytime he wants. In this case all unused units will be set to zero.
  • After the depletion of package it will be automatically renewed in case of sufficient amount on the account.  
  • The tariff plans can’t be used while roaming.


  • Activation of any Mix tariff plan's package will provide the phone number with 6 month validity.
  • If new Mix package wasn't activated and the validity period of the number was expired the phone number will be suspended for 1 month period.
  • In order to activate new package from the suspended state it is required to top up the balance with the amount matching to the last subscribed package's price (at least AMD 300).
  • After the 1 month of suspension the number will be free to sell.


Monthly fee
Validity period - 30 days
activation code