Mix 7900
Three services in one package
  • Mobile internet volume

    ∞ GB
  • Minutes to Artsakh and RA

    790 minutes
  • On-net SMS

    600 SMS
  • On-net minutes

    1500 minutes


Effective July 1st join Mix 7900 package and receive:


  • UNLIMITED mobile internet volume


  • 1,580 minutes to Artsakh and Armenia


  • UNLIMITED on-net minutes


  • 600 SMS within Artsakh 


The units of the package are not availble in roaming.
The offer will be valid for 3 months.


  • For package activation or change customer has to visit Service Center with identity document.
  • After consuming of the provided 790 minutes to Artsakh and RA subscriber will receive 1,500 additional on-net minutes.
  • To check the remaining units of the package dial *444#.
  • In case of activating the package the subscriber will not pay AMD 500 monthly fee.
  • After consuming the provided minutes, AMD 21 will be charged for 1 minute.
  • After consuming the provided SMSs, AMD 8 will be charged for 1 SMS.
  • After the depletion of package all unused units will be set to zero.
  • The subscriber can activate a tariff plan once in a month.
  • The tariff plans can’t be used while roaming.


Monthly fee
Valid till the end of current month
Activation in Service Center